Marian Rivera Is Already Imagining Herself As A Mom

Actress Marian Rivera has admitted to already imagining herself as a mom.

This is fortunately something her boyfriend Dingdong Dantes approves of.

When asked how many kids she wants, Marian told in an interview that she wants many children.

She is aware of how hard it is to be a parent, citing conversations about it with friends who already have children.

Mother’s Day is quite special for Marian, who is known to be close to both her mother, whom she calls mama, and her grandmother, whom she calls nanay.

In fact, she is staging a contest for her Instagram followers in celebration of mother’s day.

Two mother-and-daughter pairs will be announced as winners on May 7, who will then be invited to the set of her GMA-7 series Carmela for an exclusive meet-and-greet with the cast.

As to her own Mother’s Day plans, she shared that they will have an outing in a resort in Bataan.