Herbert Bautista Is The One Who Stops Pursuing Kris Aquino?

Kris Aquino is already entertaining a new suitor.

That revelation was made by the actress and television host during the Thursday episode of her ‘KrisTV’ show.

Aquino, who recently saw her courtship with Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista abruptly end, also hinted that Bautista still calls her.

Talking to her cameraman to get a male’s point of view, Aquino, without saying it’s Bautista who is calling her, said that someone keeps on calling her consequently blocking someone else from calling her.

Kris is hinting that Bautista calls her a number of times during the day.

Aquino then proceeds to admit she is entertaining another suitor.

Not that Aquino is bitter. She also said during the episode that she keeps thinking that she should not be bitter or angry because God has given her so many blessings.

In recent reports, it has been revealed that it was Bautista who stopped pursuing Aquino before Holy Week.