Janelle Manahan Speaks About Having More Sex Videos

Janelle Manahan admits to having more sex videos with late boyfriend Ramgen Revilla.

The viral uploading of Ramgen Revilla-Janelle Manahan sex video draws public sympathy for the couple.

Meanwhile, Manahan is still bent on seeking justice for the killing of her then boyfriend Ramgen Revilla.

Manahan’s legal counsel said that despite having a new relationship (DM Sevilla), it did not affect her to resolve and seek justice for her slain boyfriend who was the half brother of Bong Revilla.

She, too, was a victim of attempted murder.

The lawyer said their camp believed they have a strong case against Ramona Revilla, Ramgen’s sister and one of the suspects in the killing.

She has since left the country to be with her Turkish husband.

The lawyer revealed Manahan and other key witnesses already submitted their documentary and testimonial evidences–Manahan’s witness account, sworn statement of Ronald Ancajas, Ramgen’s personal assistant, and Ruel Puzon, who was asked and then failed to kill Ramgen on the first try.

The case was last heard on May 28, 2013 at the Paranaque Regional Trial Court Branch 274.

The crime, which happened on October 28, 2011, involved another one of Ramgen’s sibling–RJ Bautista.

They noted that Manahan remains committed to seeking justice for Ramgen despite being active in showbiz again.

She was recently seen on the red carpet of indie film ‘Bad Romance’ with Sevilla, also a ‘Star Circle Quest Season 2’ contestant.

“Despite observations that she has moved on, that she is turning a new page in life—she has become a businesswoman and has entered into a new relationship—it still does not lessen her commitment to seek justice in this case.

There is also no need for Manahan to attend hearings for now unless the defense calls her to the witness stand, her lawyer explained.

She is now living a quiet life and has not received death threats despite being the primary witness to the crime.

The alleged mastermind behind the crime was RJ while Ryan Pastera, Glaiza Visda and Norwin Dela Cruz were ‘middle men.’

The alleged gunman was identified as Francis Tolisora and Michael Nartea.