Wowie de Guzman Is In Deep Mourning

Wowie de Guzman is in deep mourning.

De Guzman has suddenly lost his wife, Sheryl Ann Reyes.

The 26-year-old gave birth to their child last month and she unexpectedly passed away last Saturday.

The cause of her death is still unknown.

His wife woke up during the night to go to the restroom to relieve herself but before coming back to bed, de Guzman said he noticed Sheryl taking some muscle pain reliever.

De Guzman said that the incident happened so fast that he knew something was wrong when Sheryl went back to bed.

Rushing to his wife’s side, he said he saw her eyes dilate and felt her fingers harden.

He even tried to resuscitate Sheryl to no avail.

The woman was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where de Guzman said he pleaded for doctors to continue trying to revive his wife.

But after hours of trying to save Sheryl, they realized that she was gone.

There were no sign that Sheryl would pass away without warning.

De Guzman told the media, during the wake of his wife in her native Lubao, Pampanga.

However, de Guzman did relate that his wife experienced some complication with her blood pressure right before she gave birth.

If there was a sign that they saw, he said that it was only that Sheryl had a hard time walking.

It was as if she was suffering from rheumatism, he said.

Nonetheless, when they tried to get her checked by a doctor and even had a CT scan procedure done, nothing was detected.

He said the doctor advised his wife to rest which is what she has been doing, the actor said.

Meanwhile, de Guzman said that he does not blame anybody for the sudden passing of his wife because he believes that God has given him this challenge because He knows that the actor can overcome this.

He said that even if this hurts, he needs to accept it because there might be a reason why this happened.

He is focusing on now is in staying strong for his daughter.

He said he needs to be strong because if he does not he will hurt his wife

When asked if he is ready to raise their daughter Alex alone, he broke down and cried.