Carla Abellana Says Breaking Up With Geoff Eigenmann Is Her Hardest Decision

Carla Abellana denies that Tom Rodriguez is courting her.

Rodriguez is her co-star in GMA-7’s ‘My Husband’s Lover.’

She added that she is still coping from her breakup with Geoff Eigenmann and that it will not be an easy experience.

She and Tom are just friends and nothing more than that.

It will take weeks and months for her to finally move one from Geoff, who she has been with for more than three years.

Carla said breaking up with Geoff is the hardest decision she has made but she is slowly moving on with the help of her friends and family.

For now, she can say that she and Geoff are over for good.

But she is not closing her doors and God will only know if Geoff is the man for her or not.

Carla said one of her best friends sleeps in her house, so she can be with her.

She goes on trips with her family and bonds with them over the weekend.

She will surely not be able to sleep because of what happened and that is why she needed her friends and her family.

Carla said she and Geoff still communicate but not as regular as before.

The actress denied that she is using the breakup with Geoff to promote her new movie.

Carla said she does not want to talk about the breakup anymore because she promised Perry Lansigan, Geoff’s manager, that his ward won’t be mentioned again when Carla is doing interviews.

Meanwhile, Carla shared that Tom is still the same
person she has worked with in ‘My Husband’s Lover.’

They now star in ‘So It’s You’ and the actress said he is still good-natured and humble.

She is well aware that Tom remained successful after their teleserye.

He is still the good person she met last year and Carla denied again the issue with Tom, especially after he stopped dating singer Kaye Rivera.

The most important thing for Carla is that they are friends and they want to work together.

In a separate interview, Tom said it is not impossible for him to fall in love with Carla.

But for Carla, she cannot force herself to love anyone since she does not know who is the person intended for her.

She would rather be friends with Tom and see what can happen in the future.

The breakup helped Carla a lot with her scenes.

Even before the camera rolls, her tears are already pouring, she shared.

She felt that the movie helped her overcome her emotions.