Phoemela Baranda’s Secret Daughter Joins PBB House

Phoemela Baranda’s daugter Nichole, made her way inside the Pinoy Big Brother House on Sunday.

Nichole, who was introduced on ‘Buzz ng Bayan’ with two other housemates, said she hopes to find herself while inside the PBB House and wants to prove why she is a secret no longer.

Baranda admitted that she was reluctant to let Nichole join ‘PBB’ because she does not want her to be exposed in showbiz at such a young age.

However, Baranda said she also wants Nichole to find herself inside the PBB House.

She added that they are still in the getting-to-know stage after she publicly admitted last year that Nichole is her long-kept secret daughter.

The 15-year-old daughter of Baranda will stay inside the PBB House for up to 100 days, depending on what will happen in the reality show.

Asked if it is okay for Nichole to fall in love inside with one of her fellow housemates inside the PBB house, Baranda said it’s okay with her as long as her daughter knows the boundaries.