Angel Locsin Admits That She Is Cheated By Her Partner Before

Angel Locsin admitted that she was cheated on by her partner before.

It is just like her character in ‘The Legal Wife.’

What prompted her to disclose the matter are her critics’ persistent remarks that Locsin cheated on her ex-boyfriend Phil Younghusband.

An exasperated Angel Locsin on Thursday reiterated that she did not cheat on former boyfriend, Philippine Azkals star Phil Younghusband, when she decided to reconcile with Luis Manzano.

Bashers of the actress have been accusing the actress of being a cheater when she admitted last January that she is still in love with Manzano, her former boyfriend.

This despite clarifications made by Locsin early on that Manzano was not the reason she broke up with Younghusband.

The actress admitted last January that she was still in love with Luis after calling it quits with Phil.

She underscored that she chose to keep mum about the cheating incident because she did not want to destroy someone’s reputation.

  • concerned netizen

    your poor article is incomplete. other more notable writers have written about the same matter but with the facts straight. the girl cleared phil younghusband’s name by saying he is a very good person and had done nothing bad to her. howcome you that part is missing in your poorly-written or poorly rehashed thing above?