Sarah Lahbati & Richard Gutierrez’s Relationship gets Deeper

Sarah Lahbati cannot ask for anything more regarding her relationship with actor Richard Gutierr

Throughout the years they have been together, Lahbati and Gutierrez’s relationship gets deeper.

She also feels that they can survive whatever issues that will be thrown at them.

Sarah is 20 years old while Richard is 30 years old.

The one thing that helped them in their relationship is Sarah’s attitude towards controversies.

She does not care about it at all and it is not her goal in life to correct what other people think about her.

The hardest thing they had to go through was when Sarah left her showbiz career and decided to go back to Geneva, Switzerland in January 2013.

This was amid her issues with GMA-7 top executives and rumors that she was pregnant.

Richard and Sarah neither denied nor confirmed the issue that she gave birth to their baby in Switzerland.

While Sarah was in Geneva, Richard took a leave and visited Sarah in Switzerland.

Sarah said she wanted to study again but the timing just was not right.

They kept a long-distance relationship for about four to five months.

Richard would only go to visit when he is free and that would be about four days.

Afterwards, he has to go back to the Philippines again for work.

Asked if they are planning to get married soon, Sarah said it’s awkward for her to answer that question.

What she can say is that all they wanted is for their relationship to remain strong.

They don’t have any problems and they have a steady relationship.

Sarah considers one of the biggest blessings of being with Richard is his family.

She is closest to Ruffa’s daughters, Venice and Lorin.

She is also a part of the reality show ‘It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez,’ which will be shown on ETC! Channel late this year.

Sarah is thankful that they treat me as a family, as one of their members.