Carla Abellana & Geoff Eigenmann Are No Longer Together

Carla Abellana says they owe it to the public and fans to admit the real score of her relationship with long time boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann.

Abellana has finally admitted that she and Eigenmann have already broken up.

Before she admitted this, the actress said it was hard for her to say it on national television but since they are both public figures, the public must know it.

She added that they cannot keep denying and hiding the truth forever, so she wants to be the first to admit that they have broken up.

As for the reasons, Carla said she hopes she can pinpoint to one particular reason.

But there are so many reasons, small things that led to the breakup, she added.

Geoff and Carla are two different people and they are too different, there are just so many reasons, she said.

They don’t share the same values and they always argue even about the small things.

She wants to enumerate each and every reason and explain to the public what contributed to the end of their four-year relationship, Carla respects Geoff and she respects herself also to keep these things to herself.

Carla assured that there was no third party in their breakup and that their separation has got nothing to do with any of their workmates now and in the future.

Geoff was lately linked to co-star Kylie Padilla.

She never thought that Geoff can do that to her, Carla added.

The hardest part in breaking up with Geoff is she also has to break up with his family, the Eigenmanns, particularly his mother, Gina Alajar, and father, Michael de Mesa.

They have always treated Carla as part of their family, and it would be hard for the actress to not see them or talk to them again.

Carla is very grateful to the Eigenmanns, Gina, Michael, Gabby and Ryan, they have been very nice to her.

Although she and Geoff are not together anymore, the family assured that they are still there for Carla.

She saw how Geoff worked hard for the relationship.

There was a willingness on his part to do everything.

Carla is slowly moving on from what happened. She can only thank God that she’s busy with work and her schedule there is no time for her to wallow.

Her work has been such a blessing to her, and she owes it to her fans to work hard and to make sure they can see that she is happy as an artist.

Only time and God can tell if there is still a chance for her and Geoff to get back together, Carla said.