Aiza Seguerra & Liza Diño Will Exchange Vows This Year

Couple Aiza Seguerra & Liza Diño are still in the process of sorting out details about their upcoming wedding.

They revealed that the ceremony would be happening later this year.

The announcement came almost two months after the ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ star popped the question to her partner of more than a year.

They are still finalizing things but their marriage in the States will happen maybe by the end of this year.

The ceremony with family and friends here will be on the first quarter of next year, Liza said

While they did not reveal which state in the US they are flying to, the couple happily shared a few details of their dream wedding.

Liza is most thankful for about their upcoming wedding is that they both want the exact same thing.

The idea, according to the couple, is to have an intimate wedding abroad and a big reception here with some 300 guests.

The chef-turned-actress further revealed that they are actually hoping to have an out-of-town wedding with many trees around because it is very natural.

What would be the motif of their wedding? Earth tones but Liza loves Flamenco.

That is one of the things she is very passionate about.

That is also one thing that describes us both so may touch of red.

While they both like the same thing for their wedding, Liza joked that Aiza is actually more particular than her.