Matteo Guidicelli’s Parents Think That Sarah Geronimo is Like a Barbie Doll

Matteo Guidicelli shared that Geronimo finally met his parents during his recent birthday celebration.

Guidicelli said that it was a good time because all his friends and family were there.

He is flattered that his parents think that his rumored girlfriend, Sarah Geronimo is beautiful like a Barbie doll and they love her.

Just like in his previous interviews, Matteo was curt with his statements about Geronimo, saying they just want to keep everything private.

He really believes that they have to live life to the fullest and enjoy every single day.

He does not like hating because it is such a negative thing.

He should always wake up with positive vibes and just do what he wants to do, he said.

He does not want to say anything because he does not want to lie or say anything negative so he just wants to keep quiet, he added.

Matteo admitted that Geronimo is special to him but he does not want to put a label.

He just wants to respect Sarah’s family and everything and he will see what will happen.

During Guidicelli’s birthday party, he and Geronimo were caught on video holding hands while singing a duet of John Legend’s ‘All of Me.’

When Geronimo left the party, the actor even ushered the singer-actress and gave her a kiss.