Herbert Bautista & Kris Aquino’s Relationship Is Not Politically Motivated?

Many people are asking if Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista and Kris Aquino’s ‘work in progress’ is not ‘politically-motivated?’

Bautista is running for his third and last term in 2016 while Kris is rumored to be running for vice president, senator or Tarlac governor?

Now it can be told when Kris confessed on national television that she and Herbert are dating.

Kris wants to state categorically that she has no political plans whether on the national, regional or local level but in 2019, she shrugged that still she does not know.

Herbert is the only one who has asked for her Kuya’s permission to date her and she has no other suitor who has done that.

Kris turned 43 last Feb. 14 and Herbert 46 on May 12.

If and when their work in progress develops into something forever, they might have to settle for taking care of yours and mine but not ours, unless Kris can still have another child at her age.

She has already 2 and Herbert has five — two from a previous relationship, one with a model and two with Tates Gana, his non-showbiz constant companion for 20 years now.

Tates Gana is allegedly the girl Mayor Herbert has left behind and who is known as the wind beneath Herbert’s wings and the accepted First Lady of Quezon City.

Herbert is an eligible bachelor, not having been married.

Tates and Herbert are not living-in but they have not really broken up.

The children are affected by the whole thing which they learned only from media reports?

Tates refuses to make any comment.