A 3rd Rape Complaint Is Filed Against Vhong Navarro

Vhong Navarro’s legal counsel confirmed that a third rape complaint was filed Wednesday against the actor

Similar cases were lodged against Navarro in the last two months by different women.

The latest rape complaint, according to Atty. Alma Mallonga, was filed by a woman who claims that the incident happened back in 2009.

It is true, you can file the case within the prescriptive period.

But the fact that she did not do it during that time, the case is not credible, she added.

Both model Deniece Cornejo and former pageant contestant Roxanne Cabanero had already filed separate rape charges against Navarro in January and February, respectively.

According to Mallonga, the complaint could be another ploy to divert attention away from the primary case, saying that it is part of a strategy supposedly plotted by businessman Cedric Lee.

Lee is one of eight facing criminal charges, including the non-bailable offense of illegal detention, in relation to the mauling of Navarro last January 22 — the same night Cornejo alleged she was raped by the actor.

Mallonga furthered that their camp expects another rape complaint to be filed soon, adding that it will surface from the province of Davao.