Carla Abellana & Geoff Eigenmann Are Going Through A Rough Patch

Carla Abellana admitted that she has problems with Geoff Eigenmann.

Abellana and Eigenmann are currently going through a rough patch.

She added that it is normal for any relationship to go through certain issues and this is not the first time they have a problem.

Carla said, the actress maintained it is impossible for them to be forever happy.

In Geoff’s Instagram post, he posted ‘Be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve.’

And the last time Geoff mentioned Carla in his Instagram posts was four weeks ago.

The last one said ‘I love us’ with a caption ‘No matter what.’

The actress said she has always been very open about their relationship.

A few weeks ago, Carla mentioned that she won’t get married until Geoff already has a house of his own.

The cause of their break-up is reportedly the ‘no house, no marriage rule.’

Carla said that she is willing to help Geoff with the house and is also willing to wait for that time they already have their own house.

Jealousy was reportedly one of the reasons but she simply dismissed it because they are both too old for such issues.

There is no reason for them to get jealous with anyone.

There are a lot of problems they can have, but jealousy is way down there, Carla said.

Carla also clarified rumors about Geoff and Aljur Abrenica.

Aljur is the boyfriend of Geoff’s current teleserye partner, Kylie Padilla.

Carla said she has no knowledge about it.

The actress said what she noticed about Geoff is he is really enjoying taping for ‘Adarna.’

He even told her that he can relate to her when she was enjoying ‘My Husband’s Lover.’

Both of them appreciated the crew, the director and the cast members.

Despite the issue, Carla assured their fans that they will be able to surpass all their problems.

In all they have gone through and all the sacrifices they made, both of them wanted to fight for their relationship.