Jake Vargas Denies Confrontation Issue Between His Sister & Bea’s Mother

Jake Vargas clarified reports that there was a confrontation issue between his sister, Lani, and Bea Binene’s mother, Carina.

The two allegedly exchanged heated words during the rehearsal of GMA-7’s Sunday musical-variety show and they reportedly pulled each other’s hairs.

Jake denied the incident, saying that no such thing happened between his sister and Bea’s mother.

A lot of people are trying to influence his relationship with Bea in a bad way.

It is also alarming that these people are dragging the people closest to them into the controversy.

Jake said his sister was in fact surprised when the issue came out because she is not used to showbiz.

He has no idea who spread the rumor through text and if they are true, then that person should have put his/her name and he/she should present evidences.

The issue does not affect his and Bea’s relationship because they are not true.

Also, they refused to comment because what’s important for them is they are both okay and their families get along with each other.

If it is true, then Jake said he would have made a statement already when it first came out.

He also denied that he and Bea are already living in together.

Jake said that people are just misinterpreting his actions because he is always visiting Bea in their house.

Sometimes, after ‘Sunday All Stars,’ Jake drives Bea home and then stays there for a while.

If he has no work, he also visits his girlfriend in their house.

But he maintained that there is no truth to rumors he is already staying there.