Aiza Seguerra and Liza Diño Plan Their Wedding

Aiza Seguerra proposed to her 32-year-old girlfriend Liza Diño during the play to where both of them starred in.

Some people asked about the details of their wedding and since marrying the same gender is not legal here in the Philippines, the couple plans to hold their wedding on January next year in California.

Recalling the day they first met, Dino was in College during that time, while Seguerra was a high school student.

Aiza snd Liza became sweethearts for nine months and they just know that they love hanging out with each other.

They love to be together and enjoy each other’s company.

They would talk for hours on phone and they were both young.

They also decided to split up and Dino went abroad to work and she was blessed to have a daughter.

Even if Liza was already working, still she continued her love for theater and the year 2012 is truly a great blessing for her as she was able to receive an indie film.

Though Aiza Seguerra and Liza Dino separated for such a long time, Mutya ng Pilipinas Tourism 2001 Dino then started to communicate with the singer when she return in Manila and as they recalled their memories together both of them fell in love with each other again.