Vhong Navarro is Charged With A New Rape Case

A certain Roxanne CabaƱero Acosta filed a rape case against Vhong Navarro.

According to Acosta, Navarro allegedly raped her in 2010.

The actor’s lawyer said that the case is intended to vilify Navarro and it is just a distraction from the cases her client is facing against Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and others.

This is an attempt to discredit Vhong and it is meant to harass their client.

It can be remembered that Cornejo and Lee were reported in the past to be talking to other supposed victims of Navarro.

The new case seems ineffective in fazing Navarro to clear his name.

Vhong’s lawyer said that they will definitely face the charges once served a copy.

In the mean time, Navarro and his camp will be concentrating on their complaint against Lee, Cornejo and others.

The lawyer also has a message to Lee and company as she said that they will face each other at the Department of Justice where they have the chance to present each side of the case.