Robin Padilla Appeals to President Duterte

At the recent launch of Bravo Food Supplement for Men, Robin Padilla made an emotional appeal to President Rodrigo Duterte not to reveal the identities of showbiz celebrities that are in his list and who are involved in the use of illegal drugs.

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Andi Eigenmann Exchanges Remarks With Jake Ejercito on Twitter

The exchanges of remarks all started when Jake Ejercito made a post toward Andi Eigenmann. He said that the actress is using him to promote her upcoming movie “Camp Sawi,” a film about girls trying to mend their broken hearts in a camp.

Responding to Ejercito’s post Andi answered and said that she never needed Jake in her life for anything and to promote a film that she is part of. Andi only answered questions about her past, and her true feelings because she was merely asked. Why is it wrong to answer based on her feelings, Jacklyn Jose’s daughter wrote.

Fans were surprised after their heated Twitter exchanges where Ejercito posted a lengthy tweet, accusing Eigenmann of using his name in promoting her movie.

Eigenmann also defended herself that it was normal for the media to ask the main characters about their past romance—and since the movie title asks for it, it includes all their past failed relationships.

Jake Ejercito is the son of former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada and former actress Laarni Enriquez.

Andi further stressed that she has four other beautiful, sexy and talented co-stars like Arci Muñoz, Yassi Pressman, Bela Padilla, and Kim Molina and that they are all they need to promote the movie. All the said ladies’ past relationships were mentioned and Ejercito was the only one who reacted.

Moreover, the actress said she holds no regrets in answering Jake’s accusation because she merely stood up for herself and that is something she will not apologize for.

The former couple have known each other since they were small and committed themselves into a relationship in their adulthood. Nevertheless, they finally ended their on-again-off-again relationship in 2014.

Sunshine Dizon Files Concubinage Complaint to Timothy Tan

Sunshine Dizon posted a series of photos on her Instagram account, including that of the alleged third party in her concubinage complaint. Tan and Dizon’s were married 6 years ago.

The alleged third party faces Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan in court for the first time.

Clarisa Sison did not give any statement, the alleged third party in the divorce by Sunshine Dizon and Timothy Tan, on hearing of concubinage complaint filed by Sunshine against both of them. Timothy came with bodyguards in court to cover him when the cameras were focused to him.

The media did not recognized Clarisma immediately because she suddenly entered the Hall of Justice and suddenly wore shades.

Timothy arrived to the court ahead and after some minutes after, Sunshine also arrived.

Filed for the first time by Sunshine Dizon her complaint to her estranged husband and the alleged third party.
The confrontation of the three occurred at the office of Senior Asst. City Prosecutor Fabinda delos Santos at the Judge Cecilia Munoz Palma Hall of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court on August 10.

Their confrontation is associated with concubinage complaint filed against Sunshine’s husband, Timothy and alleged lover, Clarisma who arrived at about 1:30 with two men that served as his the bodyguards.

The media did not recognized Clarisma immediately because she suddenly entered the Hall of Justice and suddenly wore shades.

The media were allowed to capture a short video and photographs of the confrontation in the office of Fiscal Delos Santos.

Bea Alonso Finds Out that Zanjoe Marudo is Cheating on Her?

Zanjoe Marudo and Bea Alonso were the subject of showbiz columnists who claimed that Marudo has been caught by Alonzo, cheating on her.

In an interview, Marudo admitted that he and Bea are no longer a couple.

Other than confirming it, Zanjoe did not cite any particular reason for the breakup but admitted that he is going through a tough time coping with it.

When asked when was the last time he cried, the actor candidly admitted that he cried the night before the interview.

Zanjoe did not sound like he was ready to end his four-year romance with Bea because when Abunda asked him whether he believed in second chances, the actor quickly said yes and continued the phrase love is worth fighting for.

Abunda immediately said that he apologized to the actor for bringing up the issue.

Prior to his interview, the relationship of Zanjoe and Bea had already been rumored to be on the rocks. They recently took separate vacation trips alone—Zanjoe in Europe and Bea in Japan and some months before, the two celebrities admitted to having problems with their relationship but they were trying to work it out besides the actress was also rumored to be dating actor Paulo Avelino, which the latter quickly denied.

Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli Have Plans of Settling Down

In a recent press conference for Matteo Guidicelli’s weekly show, “Single/Single,” on Cinema One, he revealed that Sarah has a mansion but she does not own a condo.

The actor gave this statement in denying the rumor that he and Sarah were already living together in a condo unit. He said there were even talks that they were already engaged and that people were giving him text messages, congratulating and sending him best wishes. Those were all hearsay, he quipped.

Nevertheless, they talk about settling down but they still have a lot to do for their respective careers. If the engagement is meant to happen, it will happen. He prays that things will go well for them.

With regard to his relationship with Sarah’s parents,
he said that he and Sarah’s parents are okay and they are working on it.

Matteo also denied the rumor that he was using girlfriend Sarah to promote himself and his projects.

They are public personalities and photos of them together circulate because there will always be people who take their pictures anywhere they go. Those pictures are not coming from his camp, Matteo added.

The two were last seen together at an international hot air balloon festival in Lubao, Pampanga. They did not celebrate any occasion but they just went there because it was a free day. He blocked off that day because his schedule had been so hectic that he felt he needed to relax, he explained.

Matteo works every day and has been so busy. Whenever they have the time, he and Sarah always try to see each other.

They keep their career and personal life separate and when they are together, they talk about life outside their work.

Matteo’s project “Single/Single” also features Shaina Magdayao. It airs every Sunday on Cinema One.

Why Ara Mina Does Not Want to Tie a Knot With Someone

Ara Mina, whose real name is Hazel Reyes, said that she used to date often. She had numerous men in her life but as a showbiz personality, marriage is not that important to her since dating becomes just part and parcel of her life.

She also feels that marriage is just only a social acceptance.

Ara has dated numerous personalities before and had entered a yearly relationship with some showbiz personalities like jomari Yllana in 2004, Polo Ravales in 2006, Manny Pacquiao in 2007 etc. The only one man whom she dated was not from showbiz industry is that Raymond Yap, a chinese guy and a scion of the Manila Bulletin owners. She had a date with him in the year 2010.

She has has also been in relationship for a longer period of time with Bulacan Mayor Patrick Meneses but has separated with him due to some personal issues. The couple had a child name Amanda Gabrielle.

Although fans might feel happy if she decides to patch up things with the politician, the actress thinks that marriage is not a destiny in her life and has no idea about this commitment because she is busy in her work, in raising her child and she has no longer time to give a view about married life.

Moreover, the sexy actress feels that she has lots to do in her career than thinking about all those stuffs.

Cristine Reyes Will Marry Soon Her Non-showbiz Boyfriend

Recently, many celebrities are being engaged. One of them is the Kapamilya actress Cristine Reyes who is asked about her thoughts in getting married.

With her age at 25 years old and her non-showbiz boyfriend at the age of 30, Reyes thinks that they are now at the right time to start a family.

She and her boyfriend are already planning to start a family of their own and having the same faith like his boyfriend’s, is one of the important factors that keeps their relationship strong.

At this time, Cristine is busy promoting her new movie with Anne Curtis and Sam Milby entitled ‘The Gifted’ which will be showing this September 3, 2014.